Punjab’s Independent Schools Take Charge of Summer Break

The All Pakistan Private Schools Federation (APPSF) rejects the summer vacation schedule announced by Punjab’s School Education Department (SED) for the coming school year.

Kashif Mirza, president of the Punjab Pradesh Teachers’ Self-Government (APPSF), has said that the Punjab government’s summer vacation schedule interferes with the APPSF’s syllabus calendar, which has 240 days in it. It will therefore be up to the APPSF to follow its own schedule in this regard.

There has been a summer vacation announcement by the All Pakistan Private Schools Federation (APPSF) for private schools operating under its administrative control that was made earlier this week.

In accordance with the APPSF, all private schools are going to be closed between 15 June and 14 August. There will be a start date of 15 August for the academic processes.

SED Punjab announced earlier today the schedule for the summer vacations for schools across the province as part of their summer vacation schedule.

In accordance with the details, the summer holidays that have been approved by the SED will begin on the 6th of June. There will be no academics on 21 August due to the holidays ending on 20 August.

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