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Arkansas Workforce Challenge Scholarship 2023-2024 | AWC

The Arkansas Workforce Challenge Scholarship (AWC) for the academic year 2023-2024 stands as a cornerstone of higher education support in the state. As the largest scholarship initiative in the USA, this program is a beacon of opportunity, opening doors for Arkansas college students to pursue their dreams. With the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery 2023 contributing $1.1 billion, this investment in education underscores the state’s commitment to achievement and the people of Arkansas.

The AWC is a critical component, designed to address workforce demands in high-demand areas such as healthcare and information technology, empowering individuals to seek industry-relevant education and training. Eligible applicants, including Arkansas residents who are high school graduates or hold high school equivalency, can explore a range of approved programs and fields of study, from academic degrees to non-credit classes.

The AWC program offers grants, certificates, and awards, covering costs and encouraging enrollment in programs that align with industry needs. The program’s website serves as a valuable resource, providing information on eligibility, deadlines, and how to apply, ensuring that prospective students have all they need to embark on a successful journey towards workforce excellence. Don’t miss the opportunity to qualify for this dynamic scholarship program and contribute to the growth and vitality of Arkansas’s workforce.


  • Be an Arkansas resident
  • To be eligible for the scholarship, applicants must have either graduated from high school or obtained a high school equivalency certificate.
  • Student cannot be a current Academic Challenge Scholarship recipient
  • Be accepted for admission to an approved ADHE program
  • Degree List for 2023-2024 Academic Year.

Who May Apply?

Arkansas Workforce Challenge Scholarship 2023-2024 | AWC

The eligibility criteria for the Workforce Challenge Program in Arkansas are as follows:

  • Graduates of Arkansas high schools, Arkansas technical schools, or GED programs are eligible to apply.
  • Individuals who hold a high school diploma or GED from another state are also eligible if they have been residing in Arkansas for at least one year.
  • Applicants must enroll in a high-demand area of study within the fields of Information Technology, Healthcare, or Industry.
  • The program is not limited to credit-bearing classes. Non-credit workforce-training classes that fall under the aforementioned categories may also qualify.
  • A list of eligible programs can be found on the state financial aid website under the Arkansas Workforce Challenge Program List.
  • Students cannot simultaneously receive benefits from both the Academic Challenge and Workforce Challenge programs.

General information:

Please note that the following information provides a general overview of the scholarship program for candidates who are applying or thinking of applying. It is important to note that this overview does not cover all program requirements in detail, so it is recommended to consult the program’s official rules and regulations for complete information.

The Workforce Challenge Scholarship was launched during the 2017 legislative session and receives funding from lottery revenue. The primary objective of this scholarship is to support workforce training in areas that are in high demand, specifically in healthcare, information technology, and various industries. It is worth mentioning that eligible classes are not limited to those that offer academic credits. Non-credit classes focused on workforce training that falls within the aforementioned fields may also meet the criteria for qualification.

Eligibility Criteria Of Arkansas Workforce Challenge Scholarship:

Arkansas Workforce Challenge Scholarship 2023-2024 | AWC
Eligibility CriteriaDescription
ResidencyMust be a resident of Arkansas
EducationMust be a high school graduate or have obtained a high school equivalency
Current ScholarshipMust not be a current recipient of the Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship
Program of StudyMust be accepted into an approved institution of higher education for a program leading to an associate degree or certificate in the high-demand fields of industry, health care, or information technology
Continuing EligibilityThe grant is non-renewable. Students who successfully complete their program can reapply for the award in another eligible program. Students who do not complete their program and receive funding can reapply once.
Arkansas Workforce Challenge Scholarship 2023-2024 | AWC

Benefits Of Arkansas Workforce Challenge Scholarship:

Arkansas Workforce Challenge Scholarship 2023-2024 | AWC


Applicants must apply at least 30 days before enrollment in an eligible program.

How To Apply!

The Arkansas workforce challenge scholarship application process is completely online. for submit your application click on the given link: