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Become A Young Leader for the SDGs – the United Nations

‘Young Leaders for the SDGs’ Flagship Initiative:

As we know That the young generation is the future of the nation .The future of any nation is in the hand of young generation . That’s why we want all young people around the world to take full advantage of this opportunity and apply for it .On a biennial basis, 17 outstanding young leaders from across various sectors are recognized for their agency, courage and wisdom to find lasting solutions to the world’s greatest challenges. Over the course of two years, these 17 young leaders will engage with young people for the 2030 Agenda, not only through their existing initiatives, platforms and networks, but also through opportunities for counseling with the United Nations and its partners.Young Leaders for the SDGs’ Flagship Initiative .

 Being a young leader is the title of United Nations for young people who are most important for their contributions to SDGs in their communities

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Class 2022 entries are now open and will close on March 31, 2022! It is strongly recommended that young people from all over the world between the ages of 15 and 29 apply.

 eligibility criteria of SDGs : 

  •  Leadership – An opportunity to influence and motivate others
  • Innovation – uniqueness and creativity
  • Scalability – The potential to benefit others beyond their current reach
  • Impact – measurable results are directly related to their work
  • Presentations – inspire and inspire others by speaking

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Other factors that are taken into consideration are: 

  •  Success – Deploy keys to support and develop Key SDGS areas
  • Effect – including and new leadership
  • Modesty – commitment to basic ideal sites of the United Nations

Young leaders actively support the following objectives:  

  • Advocate – Advocate SDGs in ways that are most accessible and relevant to young people in a variety of contexts
  • Participation – Promote new ways to engage your audience and colleagues in promoting and implementing SDGs
  • Build a contribution to the confidence of young leaders who support the UN and partners in key opportunities and initiatives related to the Sustainable Development Goals