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Equity in Civics Youth Fellowship 2023

Civic education is essential to the development of citizens who are informed and engaged in their communities. It helps them understand their rights and responsibilities, and how they can participate in civic life.Civic education can take many forms, from lessons in history and civics to opportunities to get involved in community service. It can be offered in schools, in community centers, or through other public institutions. Equity in Civics Youth Fellowship 2023 With this you can easily access all these Civic education .

Civic education can help students learn about the government and its workings, as well as the history and culture of their community. It can also help them understand the values and traditions that are important to them. Civic education can help students develop a sense. Equity in Civics Youth Fellowship 2022-2023 is a golden opportunity.more detailed information is given below :

Why apply for Equity in Civics Youth Fellowship 2022-2023 ?

  • This is a virtual program designed to connect students across the country in discussions on a variety of civic education topics.
  • Students will engage in group projects, group discussions, build and lead student voice campaigns, and a variety of other experiences.
  • Meetings are usually held on Sundays starting in the fall.
  • Students will receive a stipend throughout the program if they meet all program requirements and adhere to the student code of conduct.
  • This opportunity requires a student application and an educator/mentor nomination.
  • Students will hear back about the status of their application by July 1st, 2022 .

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Eligibility criteria

US high school students for the 2022-2023 school academic year

  • with an interest in civics, education, equity, government, history, or politics
  • able to attend an in-person gathering in Washington DC during the month of October
  • To be considered, eligible applicants must have both the  Student Application and an  Educator/Mentor Nomination completed prior to the June 13 application deadline.

Equity in Civics Youth Fellowship 2023

1. Students should come prepared and excited about participating in this event. We want to hear from students who are interested in learning more about civic engagement.

2. The goal is to foster discussion among participants and encourage them to share their ideas and perspectives. This is not meant to be a lecture but rather a conversation that encourages students to think critically about issues they care about.

3. We will have a few different stations set up where students can engage in small group conversations. Each station will focus on a specific topic related to civic engagement.

4. If you’re interested in being a facilitator at any of these stations, please email us at

5. Please note that we will be recording each session. You may opt out of having your voice recorded if you wish.

6. All sessions will take place in the Student Center Room (SCC) located on the 2nd floor of the Student Union Building.

Selected students will be required to:

  • Attend August 2022 Orientation
  • Attend our  in-person DC Convening in early October 2022
  • Attend semi-monthly virtual online workshops and guest speaker events
  • Participate in engagements as assigned
  • Create, lead, and engage in student campaigns (more information below)
  • Engage in local and national advocacy for equity in civic education
  • Attend and participate in the end of program event (May 2023)
  • Lead and build the national social media campaign

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Details about Equity in Civics Youth Fellowship2022-2023

Country : united states

Financial coverage : paid opportunity

degree level :US high school students

Duration : 10-month program (August 2022 – May 2023)

Deadline :June 13 .

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How to apply ?

The application process is completely online. If you also want to apply for it, click on the link below.

Register now