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Are you searching for the government funded scholarships?  Welcome! This is the correct location for those seeking to apply for the foreign government scholarships 2023. The scholarships are Fully Funded and for the Bachelors, Master, Ph.D., and Postdoc students. Global applicants from all around the world are welcome to apply.

As we explore a wide range of universities offering scholarships for the Master’s and Ph.D. Level degree programs. Numerous universities offer only Master’s degree Scholarships. In this article, we also noted the bachelor’s degree scholarships, so everyone gets the benefit from these Scholarships. Postdoc Scholarships are also offered.

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There are More than 800+ Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships 2023-24 available in Top Ranked Abroad Universities sponsored by the Government. Scholarships are suggested in the world’s top-ranked universities.  Candidates from all around the world are eligible to apply. No application Fee is required.

The scholarships are Fully Funded and will cover all the costs of the nominated students. Each scholarship has its eligibility criteria and application timeline. We have said the name, application timeline, and scholarship link. You need to schedule your application for the scholarship.We strongly encourage you to apply for the 2023 Foreign Government Scholarships.

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Foreign Government Scholarships 2023 Details:

  • Degree level: Undergraduate, Masters, PhD, Postdoctoral, Research
  • Financial Coverage: Fully Funded
  • Eligible Countries: Open To all
  • Deadlines: Ongoing

Foreign Government Scholarships for international students list:

1# Japanese Government Scholarship MEXT Scholarship

International candidates can apply for a bachelor’s, Masters, or a Ph.D. Program under this Scholarship. There is no need tests like   IELTS and TOEFL. It’s open, now you can apply.

2#Denmark Government Scholarships

International candidates from all  accross the world are  welcome to apply for these Bachelor’sMasters’s, and Ph.D. degree programs scholarships. more than 1000+ scholarship opportunities for international students from all   around the world.

3# The Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Programme 

This Scholarship offers for a bachelor’s, master’s, or Ph.D. The program is provided by the Government of Hungary.

4#Korean Government Scholarship Program

The Korean Government scholarship is also another prominent scholarship pool. It also provides scholarships to Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. students.

  • Deadline: Usual deadline is September every year
  • For More Information: Korean Scholarship

5# Türkiye Burslari Scholarships

Everybody knows about the Turliye Burslari Scholarships. They are almost 5,000 scholarships. This Scholarship is also available to those who want to Study Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D. Degree Program.

6# Mexico Government Scholarship

The Mexico Government Scholarships for global students. This Scholarship is also available to those who want to Study Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D. Degree Program.

7# Government of Azerbaijan Scholarship

The scholarships are Fully-Funded and for the UndergraduatesgraduateDoctoral, and General Medicine/Residency Programs. IELTS or TOEFL tests are not required, and even English Proficiency Certificate is Not Mandatory.

8# NPU President Scholarship Program in China

NPU Scholarship oppertunity is for the Bachelor’s, Master’s, or a Ph.D. Degree Program. The NPU is a well-known Chinese scholarship program for international students.

  • For More Information: visit there
  • Deadline: Usual deadline is Mid-May every year

9#KNB Kemitraan Negara Berkembang Scholarship Program

This is the “Indonesian Government Scholarship” for bachelor’s, master, or Ph.D. applicants. there is no need of tests like IELTS.

  • For More Information: visit there
  • Deadline:  deadline is 10th to 13 April every year

10# Sri Lanka Presidential Program

This opportunity is only for Undergraduate degree programs for international students.

11# Spanish Government Scholarships

Spanish Scholarship is financed by the Ministry of Education, Spain. The Scholarships are open for UndergraduateMaster, and Doctoral Degree Programs in Spanish Universities.

12#Shanghai Jiao Tong University Scholarships

These Scholarships are available for Masters’s and Ph.D. studies. This is the last program of fully-funded scholarships for international students.

  • For More Information: Visit here
  • Deadline: .

 13#Sophie Germain Scholarship in France

Sophie Germain Scholarship is available for french and international students willing to enroll in a Master’s or Ph.D. degree program in Mathematics and applications.

  •  For More Information: Visit here
  • Deadline : .

 14#UMY University Scholarship for International Students

 This university scholarship program is available to students from all over the world who wish to study at UMY University in Indonesia. The scholarship is offered for undergraduate, Master’s, and Ph.D. degree levels studies.

  • For More Information: Visit here
  • Deadline: .

 15#Université Sorbonne Paris Nord Scholarships

Selected applicants will be able to study at a Master 1 and/or Master 2 level or a doctorate degree level, within the Galilée Institute at the Sorbonne Paris Nord University.

  • For More Information: Visit here
  • Deadline: .


 Q1 .Are foreign scholarships taxable?

In most countries, scholarships or grants received by foreign students are subject to taxation. The taxation of foreign scholarships or grants depends on various factors such as the source of the scholarship, the purpose of the scholarship, the country where the scholarship is received, and the recipient’s residency status. It’s best to consult a tax professional or the tax authorities in the relevant country to determine the tax implications of foreign scholarships or grants.

Q2 .which scholarships am i eligible for?

The scholarships you are eligible for will depend on several factors such as your field of study, academic achievements, nationality, financial need, and the location where you will study. It’s best to research the various scholarships available and look for those that meet your specific criteria.

You can start by checking with your university or college, and searching for scholarships on government websites, educational foundations, and professional organizations in your field of study. Additionally, you can consult a financial aid advisor who can help you find scholarships that you are eligible for and guide you through the application process.

Q3 .  Are scholarships funded by the government?


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