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How Microsoft’s Bing Image Creator uses AI to generate images

Are you looking at How Microsoft’s Bing Image Creator uses AI to generate images? Microsoft has recently launched a new AI-based image creation tool called Image Creator? It is available for Bing preview users and can be accessed through the chat interface or directly through the website.

In this article, we will discuss the features of Image Creator, its power and resolution, tokens and rewards for image generation, and how AI images can be upscaled for enhanced results. If you want to know more about How Microsoft’s Bing Image Creator uses AI to generate images read complete article below.

Accessibility and Features of Image Creator:

Image Creator is a free-to-use text-to-image tool that is accessible to new users. It is integrated into the Bing AI chat and has an intuitive web creation interface that provides easy examples, helpful tips, and an apt FAQ section. This makes it easy for users to create AI images without any prior experience.

Power and Resolution of Image Creator:

Image Creator is powered by an advanced version of DALL-E from ChatGPT creator OpenAI, which is known for its notable ability to generate high-quality images at 1024 × 1024 resolution. This resolution is relatively small compared to modern smartphone camera photos. Users typically need to pay for generating images at that size or have a powerful computer to create their own with models like open-source Stable Diffusion.

Tokens and Rewards for Image Generation:

Image Creator is free, but users are provided with a set number of “tokens” for image generation. Once the tokens are used up, the process becomes slower. However, users can always pay for faster image generation through Microsoft Rewards.

Upscaling AI Images for Enhanced Results:

AI images generated by Image Creator can be upscaled for free with tools from Hugging Face or using powerful commercial tools like Gigapixel AI. These tools typically enhance the original image and provide better results.


In conclusion, Image Creator provides another great option for AI imagery enthusiasts and adds to the current excitement surrounding the field of AI. With its accessibility, advanced technology, and rewards for image generation, it is a valuable addition to Microsoft’s suite of AI-based tools.