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Hungary scholarships Without IELTS 2023

Let’s say you’re looking for scholarships in Europe without IELTS. We are happy to announce that you are eligible to apply for Hungary scholarships without IELTS in 2023. There are scholarships available for Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D., Doctoral, and Degree Programs at Hungarian Institutes. More and more students are choosing to study abroad in Hungary.

The Hungarian Government offers 5,000 Fully Funded Scholarships to international students each year. No application fee is required, no IELTS or TOEFL, and no work experience is necessary. IELTS is not required to study at Hungarian universities.

Hungary is a popular choice for many international students from around the world. Hungary is one of the world’s most modern, safe, and famous countries. Most of the scholarships in Hungary are now available and you can apply for them. Almost 5,000 students from over 70 nations came to Hungary under a Government of Hungary Scholarship. Only public academies can provide free tuition۔This is good news because international applicants can access free health insurance policies.

Hungary is a more affordable European country for students. It is home to several top public universities that offer full-time bachelor’s, master’s, one-year master’s, and Ph.D. programs. Austria and Romania are neighboring countries located in the east. In this article, we will provide a list of Hungary scholarships that do not require IELTS, as well as information on how you can study in Hungary without needing to take the IELTS exam.

List of Hungary Scholarships Without IELTS 2023:

Scholarship CountryHungary
Degree LevelBachelors, Masters, PhD
Financial CoverageFully Funded

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Names of the Hungarian Universities Without IELTS:

If you are admitted to a Hungarian university, you will automatically be considered for scholarship opportunities for the academic year 2023. Many universities in Hungary do not require English language tests such as IELTS, and the following is a list of universities in Hungary that do not have such a requirement: [list of universities].

  1. University of Debrecen
  2. Budapest University of Technology and Economics
  3. University of Pécs
  4. University of West Hungary
  5. Central European University
  6. Szent István University
  7. University of Szeged
  8. Óbuda University
  9. Semmelweis University
  10. Pázmány Péter Catholic University
  11. University of Miskolc

List of Scholarships in Hungary 2023

There will be an automatic consideration of candidates for Hungary Scholarships.

1# Hungarian Government Scholarship Program

The Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Program is a highly competitive scholarship opportunity that will award 5,000 scholarships for bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. degree programs. This scholarship is a great opportunity for students seeking financial assistance to study in Hungary.

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2# CEEPUS Scholarship in Hungary

The Central European University (CEU) in Hungary offers a CEEPUS Scholarship program that includes a Thai Scholarship option. This program is available for doctoral, master’s, and bachelor’s degree programs and is a top scholarship opportunity for students in Hungary.

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3# Eramus+ Program

The Erasmus Scholarship is a well-known program that provides financial assistance to students pursuing a master’s degree. This scholarship covers all expenses related to the program, making it a valuable opportunity for students to focus on their studies without worrying about financial constraints.

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4# Central European University Scholarships in Hungary

The Central European University (CEU) in Hungary is a top-ranked institution that offers fully-funded scholarships for doctoral, master’s, and bachelor’s degree programs.

These prestigious and generous scholarship schemes are available to candidates from any country and cover all expenses related to studying at the CEU. The CEU is known for offering some of the most accessible scholarship opportunities available to students.

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5# University of Debrecen Scholarship in Hungary

The University of Debrecen in Hungary has announced scholarship opportunities for undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral (Ph.D.) degree programs. The university is a public institution and is highly ranked for its research efforts. These scholarship opportunities are available for students seeking to study at the undergraduate, master’s, or doctoral level.

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6# University of Pecs Scholarships in Hungary

The University of Pecs in Hungary is currently accepting applications for their bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. degree programs.

The university is offering scholarships for these programs in various fields including business and economics, medical and health sciences, human and social sciences, natural sciences, arts, and engineering. There are a total of 31 bachelor’s scholarships available, 29 master’s scholarships, 8 one-tier master’s scholarships, and 15 doctoral scholarships.

7# Budapest University Scholarship in Hungary

The University of Pecs in Budapest is offering scholarships for bachelor’s, master’s, one-tier master’s, and Ph.D. degree programs in a variety of fields, including business and economics, medical and health sciences, human and social sciences, natural sciences, arts, and engineering. There are a total of 31 bachelor’s programs, 29 master’s programs, 8 one-tier master’s programs, and 15 doctoral programs available.

8# Radboud University Scholarships

Radboud University in the Netherlands is now accepting applications for scholarships for international students. These scholarships are available for all degree fields, including science, social science, arts, medical, law, and more.

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How to Study in Hungary Without IELTS

Hungary’s universities do not require IELTS tests. When studying abroad, you can submit an English Proficiency Certificate, which proves that English was the language of instruction.

List of Universities in Hungary without IELTS

  • University of Debrecen
  • Budapest University of Technology and Economics
  • University of Pécs
  • University of West Hungary
  • Óbuda University
  • Semmelweis University
  • Pázmány Péter Catholic University
  • University of Miskolc
  • Szent István University
  • University of Szeged
  • Central European University