Packing List for Pakistan Students Going Abroad in 2023-2024

Packing List for Pakistan Students Going Abroad in 2023-2024

Are you looking for Packing List for Pakistan Students Going Abroad? Unlocking Boundless Experiences: The Ultimate Packing List for Pakistani Students Embarking on an Adventurous Journey Abroad in 2023-2024. Uncover the anxiety of leaving behind familiar comforts, battling cultural shifts, and navigating new terrains.

Discover the essential items that will transform daunting challenges into life-changing opportunities, ensuring you soar to unimaginable heights while embracing your true identity.

Get ready to pack resilience, adaptability, and an insatiable thirst for knowledge, because your global adventure awaits. If you are also a student of Pakistan and are tense about what things to take with you when you go abroad, then we have fetched you the list of items that are given below, so read them entirely.

Details About Packing List for Pakistan Students Going Abroad in 2023-2024:

Here is complete information about Packing List for Pakistan Students Going Abroad in 2023-2024 provided below:

Packing is easy if you follow these steps:

1. Be aware of the rules and regulations based on current travel restrictions and protocols adopted by different countries. Prepare for study travel and accommodation by following these guidelines.

2. Get a COVID-19 test done. Prepare the checklist for 14 days of quarantine, as there are countries like Canada that focus on 14-day self-isolation.  

3. Verify your luggage restrictions with your airline.

4. Arrange travel and accommodation.

5. Prepare a packing list.

What you need to pack:

1. International flights allow 23 kg checking of carry-on luggage so the idea should be to find a versatile bag to accommodate all the essentials. bag will help and you will be able to follow their rules.

2. International students need to prepare and prepare a complete checklist of essentials so no essentials are missed. When international students go abroad from their home country and travel to a foreign land, the possibilities of returning soon are low. This is unless there is a semester-end break or an emergency. Therefore, it is important to organize and prepare all the needs before you move. Some practical facts to keep in mind when organizing your packing can be discovered here: 

A) Use a pen drive or Google Drive to store all documents and information.

B) Arrange airport transfers in advance.

C)  Book temporary accommodation.

D) Check the luggage weight restrictions.

E) Check the items not allowed to carry.

F) Also Use a luggage tag to identify your baggage and not get confused with someone else’s.

G) Upload photos of all the relevant documents.

H) Find a suitable place to store all your essentials before packing them up.

Match the items and essentials on the checklist.

3. Understand the difference between checked-in and carry-on luggage. International students need to know the difference to pack perfectly. numerous things cannot be carried in checked-in baggage. To avoid any misunderstanding, make sure the baggage rules are read properly. A well-planned study abroad guide for Pakistani students will help in choosing the things to consider and things to avoid.

Checklist for packing important items:

Once you get your visa and admission confirmation, it is time to know the essentials to pack for safe travel and stay in a foreign country. Avoid last-minute stressful circumstances and go through all the conditions every international student must pack for better traveling:

1. Travel documents

2. Clothing

3. Medicine

4. Electronic gadgets

5. Mobile applications

6. Personal documents

7. Toiletries

8. Miscellaneous

9. Luggage

10. Contact abroad

11. Travel

Documents required for travel:

Travel documents are essential. Students will need documents to fly, pass immigration check-ins, board, and undergo post-departure formalities. Also, keep a photocopy of each document separately so that you can have an alternative in case it gets misplaced. Furthermore, it will make acquiring duplicate or replacement documents easier for immigration services. Here are all the needed travel documents:

1. Passport

2. Credit cards

3. Student visa

4. College admission proof

5. Train tickets

6. Flight ticket

7. Boarding pass

8. Student card

9. Accommodation proof

10. Enrollment confirmation

11. Health insurance proof


International students need to keep medicines handy, especially when undergoing treatment. For any prescribed medication, carry it in quantity. It might be likely that the exact medicine brand is not available in the host country. For any such emergencies, international students will get help from the local medical assistance team. Carry the prescription for future reference. Some common or general medicines to carry for safe travel are:

1. Paracetamol

2. Antacids

3. Painkillers

4. Anti-allergies

5. Antiseptic

6. Bandages

7. Cough syrup

8. Dettol

Currency of the country

Having some local currency in the country you are moving to is very helpful. MasterCard and Visa are widely accepted worldwide. It is easy to obtain local currency from foreign exchange centers, airport kiosks, and currency exchange offices. Avoid any problem related to fake currencies offered by fraudulent agencies. Read more about the basics of the country’s currency to get a fair idea. Carry enough cash for easy access to necessities and expenses on the way.


Miscellaneous items are not essentials. It is up to the students to choose whether to include them or not. Some of them are:

1. Essential jewelry

2. Bedsheets

3. Pillows

4. Sleeping bag

5. Educational supplies

6. Purse

7. Backpack

8. Towel

9. Water bottle

10. Sunglasses

11. Books

12. Journals

13. Watch

Electronic devices

Electronic devices are essential today. These days No one travels without gadgets like mobile phones, laptops, headphones, and tablets. However, the most essential thing is a universal adapter. This is because hostels, accommodations, and dormitories will not have outlets like at home. It is better to purchase beforehand, as it will be difficult to find anything once you move to an unfamiliar country. Here are some other essential electric gadgets to carry:

1. Mobile phones

2. Headphones

3. Tablet

4. Charger

5. Laptop

6. USB cable

7. Anything you use for daily convenience


Do not hold hair styling gadgets in your carry-on bag. It is more useful to avoid hair styling gadgets because they consume a lot of power and electricity can be too expensive in foreign countries. Some of the necessities you can bring to this segment:

1. Hairbrush

2. Hair comb

3. Toothbrush

4. Deodorant

5. Make-up

6. Contact lenses

7. Tissues

8. Razors (Carry them in your checked-in luggage)

9. Mask

10 Hand sanitizer

11. Toothpaste

12. Face wash


International students should bring as many clothes as they can from their homes. This will save you a lot of money. Carry clothes for various climatic conditions. Check the weather updates for the country you are traveling to. Clothing made from cotton is durable, easy to drip-dry, and comfortable. If the uniform is needed for colleges or universities, make sure it is available when you visit campus. Here are some clothing essentials:

1. Jeans

2. Hoodies

3. Pajamas

4. Sweater

5. Jackets

6. Workout clothes

7. Activewear

8. Accessories

9. Flip flops

10. Running shoes

11. Heels

12. Formals

13. Scarves

14. Mufflers

15. Caps or hats

Before leaving home, do the following steps:

1. Check the passport’s expiry date

2. Arrange a contact number for the new country

3. Create another email address

4. Photocopy of all essential documents

5. Communication with the respective educational institutions

6. Fully charged batteries for phone, camera, and laptop.

Carry-on is essential for traveling abroad

1. Documents (Visa, passport, valid IDs, university admission proof)

2. Currency

3. Phones, chargers, headphones

4. COVID-19 test report (Applicable to the pandemic phase)

5. Masks and sanitizers

6. Diary

7. Pen

8. Medicine

9. Cash

10. Credit cards

Check-in essentials for traveling abroad:

 1. Clothes

2. Toiletries

3. Documents

4. Medicine

5. Electronic gadgets

6. Shoes

7. Everything else students need

How to resist overpacking:

When packing to travel to abroad, we tend to overpack and stuff our suitcases with things we may never use during our stay. To address this issue and determine what things to carry while traveling abroad from Pakistan, one can try the following tricks:

  1. Earlier packing – If you start preparing and setting aside all the items you will need early on, it becomes much more comfortable to figure out what you may not need.
  2. Remove irrelevant things– Create a list and stick to it. You should avoid packing weighty and bulky things which may not be necessary. 
  3. Do your analysis– Link with other Pakistani students already studying abroad to earn some valuable tips and guidance on what can be easily bought in the host country. In addition, find out how to get along.

Things to consider before packing:

Being a student about to travel abroad for higher studies, deciding what to pack in your luggage is imperative. Planning early and creating a packing list for Indian students studying abroad is of paramount importance. Let us directly look at some facts to remember before packing for a foreign country:

Period of your stay – If your study duration is shorter, you may not require to pay too much attention to what you pack. However, if you are packing for a longer visit, you need to be extra careful and vigilant about your packing.

Climatic requirements of that country– Most of your packing relies on the climatic requirements of the foreign country you are traveling to. For example, if you are traveling to a country like Canada, known for its cold weather, you will need to pack warmer clothes accordingly.

Societal environment – You should always consider whether the country you are traveling to hosts a liberal or conservative society. Holding this in mind, you will want to pack accordingly to blend in seamlessly.

Be versatile – Focus on clothing pieces that can be worn in different styles. One trick is to choose basic colors as they can be styled differently. Make sure you pack some accessories, such as belts, necklaces, and scarves, to suit your style.

Things not to carry while traveling abroad:

Flights to foreign countries have their own rules and regulations about what can be transported from one country to another. There are a few things that should not be done for a hassle-free vacation experience. For the most accurate guidance, speak with the counselors today to find out what to bring when traveling abroad. Here are some things not to carry while traveling abroad:

1. Heavy liquid bottles

The liquid is not allowed on flights. If you want to stay hydrated while traveling, get water or drinks at the airport. Large bottles of drinks, sanitizers, oils, or shampoo will not be allowed while traveling. Carry the smallest ones, as they will suffice for a week.

2. Books

Books always add weight. It will take up space. Books are easily obtainable in the college library or you can buy them. Carrying books from one country to another occupies unnecessary space. Rather, space should be reserved for other essentials.

3. Snacks

Carrying snacks takes up space. A logical idea could be to taste the host country’s food instead of carrying food from home. Do not use space for something that will not be allowed in the host country. Food is delicious in foreign countries and trying out the host country’s food helps the students get accustomed to the new culture.

4. Expensive jewelry

Expensive phones and laptops are necessary. Students can carry expensive gadgets, but avoid extravagant jewelry. It is not recommended for students traveling abroad to carry a lot of jewelry. This is a strict no.

5. Inappropriate clothes

Studying abroad involves many dos and don’ts. One such mistake is packing inappropriate clothing. If a student travels to a conservative country, clothing should be appropriate. Pack according to the host country’s culture, and scholars must accept the host country’s rules.

A scheduled Packing List for Pakistan Students Going Abroad will support them manage and organize all the needs and documents in the right order. Traveling abroad can be facilitated by focusing on your objective.   

Packing List for Pakistan Students Going Abroad in 2023-2024

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