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scholarship recommendation letter samples

Our scholarship recommendation letter samples are designed to help students who are looking for additional support apply for scholarships. These samples provide the perfect format and persuasive language that will showcase your student’s unique talents and qualities. Features: – Easy-to-use templates with appeal points that are most likely to be accepted by scholarship boards – Professionally created content that highlights why your student should be selected – Clear guidelines on how to present your student’s application in the best light Benefits: – Showcase your student’s potential quickly and effectively; – Increase chances of getting selected for prestigious scholarships; – Utilize sample format and language to save time in creating a tailored letter of recommendation for more information read below.

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sample recommendation letter for scholarship from friend:

Here is a sample recommendation letter for scholarships you can use to draft your own. Templates can be used for a variety of purposes, including
Reference letters are the most popular.

There are a number of posts on the web that explain how to write a recommendation
Letter for students, but not all of them are helpful. There are some that may lead you in the wrong direction
While others offer several templates when they should only provide one. As it would be
Awkward to request teachers to recommend you yet again, here is a sample recommendation
letter for students to help make sure your recommendations are clear, and concise and get
approved by the Board in no time.

recommendation letter sample for scholarship application:

I am happy to write this letter in support of Mr. M Azan (FA18-BS(SE)-117) who has been one of my learners during his BS(SE) degree at the Department of Computer Science, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology. I have known him since September 2013 to date.

During his stay at COMSATS, I saw him as one of the best students I dealt with. I have eyed him growing and see his skills and abilities not only in the classroom but outside its walls, when interacting with all kinds of people, as well. He is diligent, aggressive, and a self-starter. He has a very curious mind and does not wait to be told to investigate or analyze troubles; he has the ability to identify and initiate what needs to be done. Again, he can vigorously engage in numerous challenging assignments together without compromising the work quality.

One of his matchless skills is the ability to learn technically rugged material on his own and come up with natural and striking ideas. Due to his creative mind and inherent hard-working nature, Mr. Ali is expected to gain genuine development in any professional/industrial environment. I think that Mr. Rizwan would be a perfect addition to any institution. I hope you will also discover his attributes and potential attractiveness and I hope that you will appreciatively consider his application to your prestigious organization. Feel free to contact the undersigned, in case of any queries.

Feel free to contact the undersigned, in case of any queries. Dr. Muhammad Wasif Nisar Associate Professor / Graduate Program Coordinator Department of Computer Science COMSATS Institute of Information Technology. Email:

Recommendation letter Sample for Scholarship 2022
sample of recommendation letters for scholarships applicant

Recommendation Letter For Scholarship

Subject: Recommendation for Jane Smith

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I greatly advise Jane Smith for admission into your prestigious
college. She is a sincere learner who possesses outstanding academic talents along with
positive behavior toward her peers and teachers. I have guided her in all her lessons and
seen her grow from an encouraging student to the amazing one she is today.

Living in this competitive globe, students aim difficulty keeping pace with the changing educational trends. With rising tensions on them, they can see themselves falling up in their academics or failing their way out of frustration. Nevertheless, Jane Smith was never one
of them. She worked hard for every bit of success that she received on her report card. By
nature, she possesses all the good qualities that make a successful person- dedication
towards work, punctuality, and most importantly honesty.

These are some of the explanations why I recommend my student Jane Smith for your university admissions procedure without any hesitation!

Sincerely Yours,

John Hopkins Teacher at XYZ School

Written recommendation letter samples from teachers can be used as a model when
writing recommendation letters for students. If you are the one recommending a student,

it is most beneficial to use recommendation letter samples that offer relevant details about how this student’s skills and academic record meet the needs of the college or university he/she desires to attend. Samples should contain all necessary elements so there will be no
necessity to edit them when you write your own recommendation letter.

Recommendation Letter Template for Job – Example 1

Dear [ NAME],

I am glad to write this letter for [INSERT JOB TITLE] at [INSERT COMPANY NAME]. I
have been taught with [NAME] since our time jointly at [COLLEGE OR
UNIVERSITY]. Over the years, I have observed her perform in the workplace and grow into
a security professional who is punctual and reliable. In all my commerce with her, she
has always been thorough in completing assignments, clever in solving problems, and
passionate about going above and beyond for her clients.

When [Title] applied to work at [INSERT COMPANY NAME], I inspired him to pursue
the opportunity because I thought that he would be an asset to any community. Now, as
he embarks on his career, I am delighted that my instinct was right and I’m sure that
he will persist to bring fresh ideas to the organization while also holding himself
responsible for his own performance.

If you are thinking of hiring [NAME], please know that you will find them punctual,
reliable and skilled in every sense of the word.


Maria Jones

Recommendation Letter Template – Example 2

Dear Hiring Manager,

Please take this letter as a recommendation for Mr./Ms. [INSERT NAME].
I am an [POSITION] at [COMPANY]. I have been taught with [NAME] since our time
together in [SCHOOL YEARS AGO]. Over the years, I have eyed him/her perform in
the workplace and develop into an assured professional who is punctual and dedicated. In all
my interactions with him/her, he/she has always been thorough in completing duties,
creative in solving issues, and enthusiastic about going above and beyond for his/her

When [NAME] applied to work at my company, I inspired him/her to pursue the
opportunity because I thought that he/she would be a support to any institution. Now, as
he/she embarks on his/her career, I am thrilled that my instinct was accurate and I’m
confident that he/she will continue to bring fresh concepts to the organization while also
holding him/herself accountable for his/her own performance.

If you are believing hiring [NAME], please know that you will see him/her punctual,
trustworthy and skilled in every sense of the word.


James Smith

Recommendation Letter Template – Example 3

Dear Hiring Committee,

I’m penning this letter as a recommendation for one of your recent employees who is
applying for a job role within your team. I have performed closely with ________ during his
tenure at our company ___________. He has consistently shown enthusiasm towards all
tasks on which he has performed, organized his own time efficiently, and completed the demands needed. He is exemplary at managing stress troubles and staying calm under pressure without compromising the quality of work.

I am extremely sure that _________ will be a support to you in his new role. If you have any
inquiries about my knowledge of him or about this letter, please suppose free to reach out to


Kevin Reed