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Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships 2023 | Fully Funded

Are you searching for swiss government excellence scholarships for foreign scholars and artists in Switzerland? We have a guide for you that provides information on Scholarships in Switzerland, including the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships 2023. These scholarships are fully funded and open to applicants from all countries. They are available for international students to pursue higher education.

There are a total no. of 500 Scholarships open for international students to pursue Master’s and Ph.D. Degree in Switzerland institutes. Switzerland is a European country. This is a fabulous Scholarship, and candidates can study at any university in Switzerland under the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship.

The Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship for Foreign Students is available in more than 180 countries. It is important to be aware that there may be scams regarding Swiss government scholarships, as the application process for these scholarships is always free of charge.

Switzerland boasts one of the highest-ranked education systems in Europe. We are joyful to encourage you to must apply for Fully funded Switzerland Government Scholarships 2023. This is a great opportunity for those who wish to further their education in Switzerland. To find out more about this scholarship and others, please visit below.

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Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships 2023 Details:

  •  Scholarship Country: Switzerland
  •  Scholarship type: Fully Funded
  • Course Level: MastersPh.D./Postdoc/Research Degree
  • No of Scholarships: 500
  • Deadline: (Deadline Varies from Country to Country).

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Duration of the Scholarship

The duration for the following types of scholarships in Switzerland are as follows:

  • Research scholarships: 12 months maximum
  • Doctoral scholarships: 12 months, with the possibility of extending up to 36 months based on academic performance
  • Postdoctoral scholarships: 12 months.

Available Courses

Swiss Government Excellence scholarships include:

  • Art scholarships
  • Ph.D. scholarships for international students
  • Research scholarships for international students
  • Postdoctoral scholarships for foreign researchers.

Types of Swiss Scholarship

  • Art scholarships are available to art students who desire to pursue an initial master’s degree in Switzerland.
  • Research Scholarships: Research Scholarships are open to postgraduate researchers (who hold at least a Master’s degree) in any field.

Benefits of Swiss Government Scholarship

The Swiss government is providing fully funded scholarships for international students in Switzerland, which includes coverage of the following expenses:

  • Waiver of tuition fees
  • Accommodation fees
  • Research funding
  • Monthly allowance
  • Housing allowance
  • Health allowance
  • Round trip airfare

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for Swiss government scholarships may vary depending on the applicant’s country of origin. To find the specific requirements for your country, you can select your country of origin when reviewing the information.

Select Your Country: Countries A – L / Countries M – Z

Important Information and Guidelines:

  • To apply for the scholarship, you must first have an acceptance letter or supervision letter from a Swiss professor.
  • To increase your chances of being accepted, it is important to start contacting professors as soon as possible. Invest time in understanding their research interests and tailoring your application to show how you align with their interests.
  • Past experience has shown that delays in contacting professors or not investing enough time in understanding their profile can result in the professor already accepting another student from another country.
  • By starting to reach out to professors now, you will have a better chance of getting a response and being able to apply for the scholarship on time for the 2023 cycle.

How to Write Emails to Professor?

Please carefully See these links.

English proficiency test scores such as IELTS or TOEFL are usually required, but due to COVID-19, the Swiss authorities or universities may make exceptions. You can inquire about this by emailing them.

Application Timeline


The application period for the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships 2023 closes on September 30, 2023.

How to Apply?

The application process for the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship 2023 is entirely online. The application requirements and process may vary depending on the applicant’s country of origin. To apply, please visit the official website of the Swiss government scholarship and select your country from the “Countries A-L” or “Countries M-Z” list.


the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships 2023 are fully funded and provide an excellent opportunity for students and researchers from around the world to pursue their studies or research in Switzerland. The scholarships cover a wide range of disciplines and provide a unique opportunity to study in one of the world’s most renowned academic environments.

The application process is competitive, so it is important to carefully review the eligibility criteria and requirements before applying. If you are interested in pursuing this opportunity, I would recommend that you start the application process as early as possible.