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Computer Science Scholarships

Would you like to know about Computer Science Scholarships? Modern life is increasingly dominated by computer systems and technologies, so graduates in this field are expected to be in high demand. This “subject of the future” is growing in scope and popularity, and there are also increasing numbers of dedicated scholarships available for computer science students, including funding to study computer science at some of the best universities in the world.

The following is a list of computer science scholarships and other funding opportunities for STEM students studying in the US and UK. There are also some scholarships specifically aimed at women in computer science, which will support more balanced gender representation.

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King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) is a graduate-level research institute located on the sands of the Red Sea, North of Jeddah. It has a global community of more than 7,000 members and attracts the highest international faculty and students from across the world all focused on discovering solutions to difficulties in zones related to water, food, energy, and the environment.

Multi-country scholarships are listed below:

  • Google Europe Scholarship for Students with Disabilities – Scholarships for students with disabilities in computer science at the European level. The program is open to all students studying in Europe at any level. You can find more scholarships for students with disabilities here.
  • Microsoft Scholarship Program –  Students pursuing degrees in computer science, as well as other STEM-related subjects at the undergraduate level in the U.S., Canada, or Mexico can apply for STEM scholarships. Priority is givened students are given priority.

Scholarship in the UK

Scholarship in the US

Scholarship in Australia

Scholarships for women in computer science

  • AWC Scholarship Fund for Women in Computing – Scholarships for women in computer science and technology programs at associations in Washtenaw County, Michigan.
  • IBM SWE Scholarships – Computer engineering and computer science scholarships available to female students in the US. Sponsored by the Society of Women Engineers.
  • MCWT College Scholarship – Undergraduate US scholarships for female technology candidates at accredited institutes. You’ll require to be from Michigan and enrolled at a Michigan university.
  • Palantir Scholarships for Women in Technology – International scholarships for women in computer science and other STEM-related topics.
  • VIP Women In Technology Scholarship (WITS) – US scholarships for women in computer science studying for a degree in the areas of IT, computer science, management info systems, and related areas. Available to US locals and international candidates.
  • Microsoft Dissertation Grant Program – Microsoft scholarships for female candidates (or another group underrepresented in computing) to study a Ph.D. in the area of computing, at an eligible university in the US or Canada.