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Heinrich boll foundation scholarship 2023

Looking for a scholarship to pursue your studies in Germany? The Heinrich boll foundation scholarship 2023 provides financial support and mentorship opportunities to motivated individuals in Germany. In this guide, you will find information about eligibility criteria and application requirements for the scholarship program.

You can now continue your education in Germany. You can apply for Master’s Ph.D. and undergraduate in German universities. Heinrich boll foundation scholarship 2022 has announced more than 1000+ scholarships each year. People from any country in the world can apply for scholarships.

What is the Heinrich Böll Foundation and Who Funds it?

The Heinrich Böll Foundation is a non-profit organization that promotes Green Politics and Green Ideologies in Germany, Europe, and around the world. It was founded in 1981 following German journalist and writer Heinrich Böll’s will to support individuals with financial aid. The foundation is funded by public donations, corporate contributions, and funds raised through activities such as fundraising events and cultural projects.

You can choose any subject for the scholarship . It is one of the most popular scholarships in Germany, funded by the German government .This is a wonderful opportunity . There are more than 380 state-recognized universities in Germany that offer more than 17000 study programs .

As we know, the quality of education in German universities is exemplary . And the laws and regulations of German universities are now of a very high standard . That’s why everyone benefits from continuing their education in German . heinrich boll foundation scholarship 2022 opens the door to German universities for you .The application process for this oppertunity is completely online .This is one of the best opportunities to pursue your education or research with international quality staff as well as researchers at German universities.If you are interested in a oppertunity, read the information below in full .

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heinrich boll foundation scholarship 2022 Study Duration :

Undergraduate 4 years for Master’s program is 2 years, while for Ph.D/doctoral degree is 4 years.


Host country : Germany

Eligible countries :Students from all over the world can apply .

Study level : Undergraduate , Master’s and Ph.D. programs .

Financial coverage : Heinrich Boll and DAAD Foundation .

NO . of scholarships : 1,000+

Deadline : 1st september 2022 .

What Kind of Scholarships are Available?

Heinrich Böll Foundation scholarships are available to support students from all over the world who wish to study in Germany. Scholarships are given out for different durations and either as partial or full funding. Some of the available scholarships include Doctoral Research Grants, Short-Term Research Grants, Summer School Scholarships, and Scholarship Programs for Refugees. Depending on your eligibility, you can apply for one of these grants depending on your duration of stay in Germany and academic qualifications.

NO . of scholarships and benifits: 1,000+

German offers more than a thousand scholarships to students around the world .

The Heinrich Ball Scholarship will cover the basic expenses in full, tuotion fee, monthly stipend1350 for p.h.d. undergraduate and master degree monthly stipends €649 and €300 per month for Students not educated in Germany .

Ph.D. Students: Not possible;Students not educated in Germany: Not possible in Germany.

Bachelor and Master studies: Founding for the tuition fees available but In certain cases.

How to Prepare Financially For Your Scholarship Program in Germany

One of the most important steps for successfully completing your scholarship program in Germany is having the necessary funds to cover associated costs. Depending on your visa type and the length of your stay, you may be expected to have sufficient funds in addition to the scholarships you receive. Consider taking time to budget for tuition costs, living expenses, travel costs, and other items before arriving in Germany. Additionally, research how long it typically takes for payments of tuition fees and grants to be processed so that you can plan accordingly.

Eligibility Requirements for the Scholarship Program

The following documents will be required during the application process for Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarship which are given below.

  • A certified copy of your First Degree Certificate is also required for foreign master’s degree applicants.
  • Reference to a third party on your social affiliation and reference to a university or college lecturer
  • Registration Certificate Proof of German language proficiency. (DSH 2 or Level B2 Minimum)

Scholarships at Heinrich Boll Foundation international consist mainly of the following stages:

1.There is no age limit for this opportunity .

2.All application forms will need to be submitted online .

3.There will be an interview with the contact lecturer via video link .Berlin will attend a selection workshop in London, which will include one-to-one meetings and group discussions.

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The deadline to apply for the heinrich boll foundation scholarship for international students as well as German resident students is 1st September 2023

How to apply ?

The application process for this opportunity  is completely online. You have to fill in the application form along with the required documents and click on the given link to get more information.To Apply, Please Visit the Official website of the Heinrich Boll Scholarship 2022.