How to List an Internship on a Resume 2023(step by step)

What is the proper way to list an internship on a resume in 2023? A resume’s work experience is an important item that employers pay close attention to. Usually, this section is the most detailed, since it contains the candidate’s experience history. When a person gets a new job, he or she is likely to repeat the pattern followed before. Filling out the internship section of a resume should therefore be approached carefully.

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How to List an Internship on a Resume 2023(step by step) details:

Read the following steps are given below:

1#What to Write in the Resume about the Internship

When writing about your internship experience on your resume, focus on what you learned and achieved during the internship. Include any skills you developed, tasks you completed, and any awards or recognition you received. Describe the types of projects you worked on, the software you used, and any team-building activities you participated in. Also, include any unique experiences you had and how they can be transferrable to the job you are applying for. Finally, include any reports or presentations you may have delivered during the internship. This will showcase your ability to work efficiently and effectively on projects.


Hi there! I’m glad to hear you are interested in finding an internship. Internships can provide valuable experience and help you learn more about the career field of your choice. I would recommend starting your search by reaching out to your school’s career services department or alumni network for potential opportunities. You can also look for postings online, attend career fairs, and network with professionals in your desired field. Good luck on your search and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions along the way.

3#How Does an Internship Work?

An internship is typically an educational opportunity that allows a student or recent graduate to gain hands-on experience in a professional environment. Internships are typically unpaid work experiences, usually lasting anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. Internships usually involve working with a company in a specific field, such as business, engineering, or marketing. During the internship, an intern may be responsible for completing a variety of tasks, such as researching projects, helping with marketing campaigns, or maintaining databases. Internships can provide invaluable experience and skills that can help prepare an individual for a successful career.

4#When to Add an Internship to your Resume?

It is generally best to include an internship experience on your resume when it is relevant to the job you are applying for. For example, if you are applying for a job in a field that is related to the work you did at your internship, it would be beneficial to include that experience on your resume. Additionally, if you are a student or recent graduate, it can be helpful to include an internship experience on your resume because it shows that you have some professional experience in the field. Finally, if you are a more experienced professional, an internship could show that you are open to learning new skills and adapting to new work environments.

5#How to Put Internship Experience on Your Resume?

Putting internship experience on your resume can be a great way to showcase your skills and show potential employers that you have been actively engaged in your professional development. To ensure your internship experience is highlighted in the best way possible, start by creating a section at the top of your resume specifically for internships. Include the name of the company, your role, the dates you worked, and a brief description of your responsibilities. From there, you can focus on listing the skills you developed and the results you achieved during your internship. Make sure to include any relevant awards, certifications, or projects you completed during the internship. Finally, don’t forget to include a few lines about the culture of the company and how it helped you grow professionally.


When writing about your internship experiences on your resume, make sure to include key details such as the company you worked for, the role you held, the core responsibilities you had, and any positive results you achieved during your time there. Be sure to highlight any skills that you developed or enhanced during your internship, and make sure to use language that is relevant to your industry and career field. Finally, don’t forget to include any awards or recognition you received for your work during the internship.

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