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OIST Internship 2023 in Japan

We have some exciting news here! The OIST 2022-23 internship application in Japan is now open to international students. This is a very good opportunity for students because they can work in the world’s advanced research laboratories. It is one of the best internship programs for international students in Japan, helping them to improve their technical skills. During the OIST Internship, students have the opportunity to research under the supervision of the best researchers in the world. All candidates seeking an international paid internship are encouraged to apply to Japan.
OIST Internship is open to international and local students to participate in research programs in various fields. All student expenses during the internship program will be covered by the host institute, which includes visa facilities, accommodation and travel expenses. There is no application fee required during the OIST internship application process. Students in chemistry, biology, physics, computer science, mathematics, engineering, the environment, neuroscience, marine science and other medical disciplines are strongly encouraged to apply to the Okinawan Institute of Science and Technology.
Students with a bachelor’s or postgraduate degree will be able to apply for this fully funded internship in Japan in 2022. The duration of this internship program is 2-6 months. During the internship, students have the opportunity to spend six months in Japan under the supervision of the best supervisors in the world. The training is funded by the Japanese Ministry of Education. For the OIST Internship Experience, we recommend all candidates to apply for this internship.
It is one of the best paid internship programs for international students. The best thing about the program is that a high CGPA is not required. For more information about OIST Internship 2022 in Japan, see the details below and log in.

Internship details OIST 2022-23:

Host Country : Japan
Program type: Internship
Qualifying countries: International students
Internship duration: 2-6 months
Deadline for applications: April 15, 2022


The Okinawa Institute of Science & Technology offers internship places for international students in various fields. The institute has one of the best research laboratories for students. The Japanese government has established an institute to maximize the benefits of science and technology.

Financial coverage:

The following prisoner expenses will be covered by a fully funded OIST internship in Japan in 2022:

  • Tickets
  • Health insurance
  • Visa support
  • Accommodations
  • scholarship

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OIST internship places:

  • The following fields and fields are available in the Japanese OIST internship program:
  • Nonlinear and nonequilibrium physics
  • Computing NeuroScience
  • Sensory and behavioral neuroscience
  • Quantum systems
  • Evolutionary genomics
  • Fluid mechanics
  • Femtosecond spectroscopy
  • Continuous physics
  • Igor Goryan’s biological system
  • Theoretical physics
  • Immune signaling
  • Organic optoelectronics
  • Coordination chemistry and catalysis
  • Membrane unit
  • Quantum dynamics
  • Membrane cooperation
  • Neural calculation
  • Biodiversity and biocomplexity
  • Electronic and quantum magnetism
  • Mathematics, materials and mechanics
  • A complex unit of cognitive science
  • Interactions of light and matter for quantum technologies
  • Quantum materials science
  • Biological complexity
  • Neuroimaging
  • Protein engineering and evolution
  • Unit of genomics and regulatory system
  • Nonlinear analysis unit
  • Unit of representation theory and algebraic combinatorics
  • Theory of biological physics
  • Experimental quantum information physics
  • Cellular and molecular synaptic function
  • Biology of information processing
  • Developmental neurobiology
  • Numerical simulations of laminar and turbulent complex flow
  • Climate change in Marina
  • Plant epigenetics
  • Ecology and evolution
  • Physics and biology
  • Marine biophysics
  • Quantum gravity
  • Quantum matter theory
  • Chemistry and chemical bioengineering
  • Memory Research Unit
  • Cognitive robotics
  • Micro / Bio / Nanofluidics
  • Quantum wave microscopy
  • Cell biology
  • GO Cell Unit
  • Neural mechanics for critical periods
  • Nucleic acid chemistry and engineering
  • Bioinspired soft material
  • Unit integrating community ecology
  • Concussions. Solitons & Turbelence Unit
  • Human developmental neurobiology
  • Neurol Rhtymes in action
  • Evolutionary Nerubiology Unit
  • Neurobiological research
  • Molecular cryo-electron microscopy
  • Cell signaling
  • OIST internship qualified in Japan

To apply for a fully funded traineeship in Japan, applicants must meet the following criteria:

Students from all over the world can apply for an OIST internship.
Students in the last two years for undergraduate or graduate programs may be eligible
Applicants must submit their consent from their own traineeship
Students of the 1st semester of the master’s program can apply.
The application process is online.

The academic background of students should be relevant to the fields offered in the internship program.
Required documents:

Updated candidate resume
Academic transcription in English
ID of the last photo
Letter of recommendation
Personal statement of at least 400 words
How can you apply for an OIST Japan Internship 2022 internship?
In order for students to apply for the OIST Japan Internship 2022-23, they must complete the following steps:

The application process through the OIST Online portal

For a successful application, students must submit a letter of recommendation to the judge.
The result of the OIST Internship will be announced by the institute

OIST Research Internship program 2022 Deadline

The application deadline for OIST Internship Round one is April 15th, 2022. Submit your application before the mentioned due date.