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Suparco Internship Program 2023

Applications are open now. The Sparco Internship Program 2022 application is now open. This is a great opportunity for students seeking an internship in science and technology. Candidates women and men both can apply for a Sparco internship. Selected candidates have the opportunity to work in the commission for space and upper atmosphere research.
The Internship is announced in Islamabad, Karachi & Peshawar. SUPARCO provides education and growth to students with excellent study records as interns in space science, engineering and technology. During the internship at SUPARCO, students gain practical experience and understanding of technological and administrative work by assigning challenging tasks under the constant supervision of senior engineers / scientists.
During the SUPARCO internship, students have the opportunity to work under the supervision of senior researchers. We therefore urge all students not to miss this opportunity. The internship is open to all Pakistani citizens, yes! You have heard that it is right that students from any city in Pakistan can enroll in the SUPARCO Internship Program.

The length of the internship program is 4-5 weeks;
students with a bachelor’s degree can apply for this internship program; if you work hard and want to work in space and technology, what are you waiting for? Keep scrolling down and see the details of SUPARCO Internship 2022.

Details of the Suparco internship program

Country: Pakistan
Organization: SUPARCO
Internship: PWR, ISB, KHI
Program type: Internship
Duration: 4-5 weeks
Required education: Bachelors
Deadline for applications: March 22, 2022

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Recognizing the importance of space science and technology, the Pakistani government decided to establish the Pakistan Commission for Space and Upper Atmosphere Research.

SUPARCO conducts research and growth in space science, technology and its applications for peaceful purposes and socio-economic advancement of the country.

During the internship, SUPARCO provides a platform for university students to gain practical research experience and further practical learning under the guidance of an instructor in a related field. Not only does it improve academic knowledge, but it also helps in a professional work environment.
There are fields and Majors :

The following fields and majors were announced at SUPARCO Internship:

Located in Islamabad:

  • Space science
  • Science
  • agriculture
  • Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Earth remote sensing and GIS
  • Hydrology

Located in Karachi:

  • Space science
  • Mechanical
  • Computer science
  • Geography
  • physics
  • Aerospace industry
  • electronic
  • communication
  • Science
  • Software engineering
  • Earth remote sensing and GIS
  • Manufacturing
  • Computer systems
  • Located in Peshawar:
  • Geomatics
  • Geology
  • Geography
  • Science

Qualification criteria:

To apply to the SUPARCO Internship Program, you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

Students from all over Pakistan can apply for this internship.
Candidates must have very good academic results.
Students from the previous semester can also apply for the internship program.
The application process is online.
How can you apply to the SUPARCO Internship Program 2022?
The SUPARCO internship application process is online; To apply, students must follow these steps:
Step 1. Select the desired disciple you want to apply for
Step 2. Now, you have to make an account in the portal to signup
Step 3. After signing up, candidates are requested to submit an online application with accurate details.

Application deadline:

The last date for submitting an application to SUPARCO Internship 2022 is March 22, 2022; All students must register by the deadline.

To apply for the SUPARCO internship, visit the official link below: