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USA Student Visa Requirements For Pakistan 2023-2024

USA Study Visa From Pakistan:

Are you looking for USA Student Visa Requirements in 2023? In a world where aspirations know no borders, Pakistani students yearn to unlock the gates of opportunity in the land of the free.

However, caught in a perplexing web of stringent visa requirements, they find themselves grappling with the delicate balance between their dreams and the harsh reality of their circumstances.

Explore the untold stories of resilience, untapped potential, and the ever-elusive pursuit of American education, as these aspiring scholars navigate the labyrinthine maze of USA student visa requirements in 2023.

If you also want to know complete details about American study visa requirements, then read the below information carefully.

US Student Visa Types:

Visa TypeDefinitionRequired for
F-1 VisaNonimmigrant visa for full-time academic studyUniversity/College, Language Training Institutes
M-1 VisaNonimmigrant visa for vocational or nonacademic programsVocational and non-academic training institutes, except language training
J-1 VisaVisa for participation in USA exchange programsStudy exchange programs

Additionally, to determine whether you need an F-1 or M-1 visa, consider the following:

  • F-1 Visa: Required if the course of study exceeds 18 hours per week.
  • M-1 Visa: Required for approved vocational programs. The student must have sufficient funds to support themselves without working in the US and a residence abroad to which they intend to return.

USA Student Visa Requirements:

To apply for the F-1 or M-1 visa, applicants must fulfill USA Student Visa Requirements:

  • Non- immigrant visa application form (DS-160)
  • Passport with at least 6 months validity
  • One (5*5 cm) photograph
  • Fee receipt of paying the non-refundable 160US dollar visa application fee
  • An approved I-20 form issued by a US university
  • List of siblings.

Validity Of Student’s Visa After Break In USA:

If an applicant skips more than five months of class, they should apply for and be granted a new F-1 or M-1 student visa before they can continue their studies.

How To Apply For US F-1 And M-1 Study Visa From Pakistan?

  • Complete the non-immigrant visa electronic form (DS-160). ( CLICK HERE)
  • Pay the SEVIS US$ 350 fee
  • Pay visa application fee: Pay the application fee of US$160 at any Allied Bank
  • Schedule/ book an online appointment. Need the following for appointment confirmation. ( click here for us student visa appointment)
    • Your passport number
    • The number on the visa fee receipt
    • 10-digit barcode (find it on the DS-160 form)
  • Prepare for an interview at the US embassy in Islamabad on the given date and time.

You can find the allied banks list here.

US Student Visa Interview:

Last but not least, the applicant is required to appear for an interview at the United States Embassy or Consulate on the date and time specified in the interview notice. It is important for students to prepare themselves for the interview questions they will be asked by members of the US embassy. While there are certain documents that are mandatory for the applicant to bring along with them on the day of the interview, these include the following documents:

  • Copy of the appointment letter
  • DS-160 form
  • I-20 form
  • One photograph
  • Passport (current and old)
  • Original visa fee slips
  • Documents stating your financial status
  • Photocopy of the bank statement
  • Academic documents 

Here is a sample of a US study visa fee receipt.

sample of US study visa fee receipt.

USA Study Visa Fees For Pakistani Students in 2023:

All applicants must pay the $350 student and exchange visitor program (SEVIS) fee prior to applying for a US study visa. To support the program office and the automated system that monitors students and exchanges visitors. This ensures their status is maintained while in the US. The US embassy in Pakistan updated the student visa fee for 2023, and the fee for a US student visa (F-1 or M-1) from Pakistan was $160. It is imperative to note that visa fees can change. It is highly recommended to check the latest fee information on the US embassy or consulate website.

USA Study Visa Appointment Time:

The U.S. Embassy or Consulate processes all applications quickly and minimizes appointment wait times. Having said that, the earlier you schedule your appointment, the more likely it is that you will be allowed to choose the date and time of your interview.

USA Study Visa Processing Time From Pakistan:

Although the average processing time for a visa is five working days, processing times in particular cases can vary depending on the circumstances of the applicant. In addition, there are additional special requirements.

Additional information

What is Form DS 160?

Form DS-160 is a nonimmigrant visa application electronic. It is the mandatory online application form that collects all of the integral information for those who are seeking a nonimmigrant visa for a temporary visit to the US. It is submitted online to the Department of State through an online portal following which the information filled in by the firm is utilized by the consulates for the processing of the visa application. The information provided in this form is co-related to the information gathered at the interview by the applicant.