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Korea Scholarships For Pakistani Students 2023

Are you a Pakistani student seeking to study abroad and looking for a Fully Funded scholarship opportunity for 2023? Look no further, as we are excited to announce the availability of  Korea Scholarships For Pakistani Students 2023, which are open to applicants from all over the world, including Pakistan.

South Korea is recognized as one of Asia’s top countries for study and is a leading nation in technology. Its universities are highly regarded and offer an excellent education system. With this scholarship opportunity, international students can have the chance to experience the country’s unique culture while gaining quality education from top-notch universities.

The scholarship opportunities available are for Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. level degree programs, with all fields of study being open, but mostly for Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (non-clinical), as well as Public Policy/Management, etc. These Korean Scholarships are some of the top 20 scholarships in Korea, and this is an excellent chance for international students, including Pakistani students, to get Full Funded to study in South Korea.

The best part of these scholarships is that there is no need for IELTS/TOEFL in South Korean Universities. Applicants from all over the world can apply, and the application process is straightforward. With 43 National and 180 Private Universities, South Korea offers one of the best opportunities for international students, especially those seeking a Fully Funded abroad study. we encourage you to apply for Korea scholarship 2023-2024.

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About Korea Scholarships For Pakistani Students 2023

  • Host Country: Korea
  • Institute(s): Top 20 Korean Universities
  • Eligible Countries: All International & Domestic Students
  • Scholarship Type: Fully Funded
  • Degrees: Bachelor, Masters & Ph.D. Degree Program
  • Deadline: Varies  


Korea Scholarships For Pakistani Students 2023 Duration:

here is the list of the different durations offered by the Global Korea Scholarship Program:

  • Master’s Degree: Three years (one year of Korean language program + two years of degree program)
  • Doctoral Degree: Four years (one year of Korean language program + three years of degree program)
  • Research Program: Six months

Additionally, the program offers a total of 1300 awards, which are divided into two tracks: embassy track (663 awards) and university track (615 awards).

Financial Benefits

Korean scholarships for international students 2023-24 is a fully funded opportunity for international students to pursue graduate programs in Korea. The benefits of this scholarship program are extensive and include the following:

  • Full tuition fee waiver for all selected students.
  • Resettlement allowance of KRW 200,000 for students upon arrival in Korea.
  • Monthly allowance of KRW 100,000 for master’s and doctoral programs, and KRW 1,500,000 for research programs.
  • Medical insurance coverage of KRW 20,000 for all selected students.
  • Research support funding ranging from KRW 210,000 to KRW 240,000.
  • Round-trip airfare tickets provided to all selected students for economy class travel.
  • Language course costs covered by the Korean government.
  • Award for Excellent Korean Language Proficiency.
  • Printing costs for dissertations worth KRW 500,000 to KRW 800,000.
  • Completion grant of KRW 100,000 upon the successful completion of the program.

Eligibility Criteria

Here are the eligibility criteria for the korean scholarships for pakistani students 2023:

  • Applicants must be a national of one of the participating countries in the Global Korea Scholarship program.
  • Applicants should not hold dual citizenship or Korean citizenship.
  • Students must have completed their last required degree for the scholarship program by February 28, 2023.
  • International students must have a higher CGPA, which means they should be in the top 20% of their class or have a grade point average equal to or above 2.64/4.00.
  • Applicants for the program must be aged 40 years or below.

  • Students must be in good health, both mentally and physically.
  • Applicants must hold or expect to hold a bachelor’s degree to be admitted to a Master’s Program or have a master’s degree to be admitted to a Ph.D. Degree Program.
  • To be eligible for the Research Program, applicants should have completed a degree equivalent to a master’s degree and must have received an invitation from a Korean university designated by NIIED (National Institute for International Education).

  • Postdoctoral Research Program applicants must have a doctoral degree or an equivalent degree.
  • Applicants must submit English Language Requirements/Certificates.
  • Applicants who have not yet graduated at the time of applying must submit a certificate of expected graduation.

Required Documents:

If you’re applying for the Global Korea Scholarship (GKS), it’s important to provide all the necessary documents to support your application. The following are the required documents for the GKS scholarship:

  • Proof of Citizenship and Family Relationship: You need to provide a certificate of nationality or proof of citizenship of your country. You may also need to submit proof of family relationships.
  • Certificate of Graduation: You need to submit a certificate of graduation from your most recent educational institution, such as a high school or university.
  • Academic Transcript: You need to provide an academic transcript of your grades and coursework completed at your most recent educational institution.
  • Proof of Overseas Korean or Adoptee: If you are an overseas Korean or adoptee, you need to submit a document proving your status.
  • Score Report of Korean or English Proficiency Test: You need to provide a score report of a Korean or English proficiency test, depending on the language of instruction of your chosen program.
  • Passport Copy: You need to submit a copy of your passport, which should be valid for at least six months after the deadline for the scholarship application.
  • Personal Statement: You need to write a personal statement that explains your motivation for pursuing your chosen program and how it fits into your future career plans.
  • Two Letters of Recommendation: You need to provide two letters of recommendation from academic or professional references.
  • GKS Applicant Agreement: You need to sign the GKS Applicant Agreement, which outlines the terms and conditions of the scholarship.
  • Personal Medical Assessment: You need to undergo a personal medical assessment and provide a certificate of health to prove that you are in good health.

Please ensure that you provide all the required documents, as incomplete applications may not be considered.

Available Fields & Majors 

  1. Engineering: Scholarships are available for Pakistani students who wish to study in fields such as Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Computer Engineering.
  2. Natural Sciences: Scholarships are available for Pakistani students who wish to study in fields such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics.
  3. Social Sciences: Scholarships are available for Pakistani students who wish to study in fields such as Economics, Political Science, International Relations, and Sociology.
  4. Humanities: Scholarships are available for Pakistani students who wish to study in fields such as Literature, Linguistics, History, Philosophy, and Religion.
  5. Business and Management: Scholarships are available for Pakistani students who wish to study in fields such as Finance, Accounting, Marketing, and Business Administration.
  6. Arts: Scholarships are available for Pakistani students who wish to study in fields such as Fine Arts, Music, and Theater.


It’s important to note that each country’s Korean embassy and domestic university may have different deadlines for the korea university scholarships for international students 2023. Therefore, it’s crucial to check the relevant deadline for your country or university and apply as soon as possible to ensure that your application is considered.

How to Apply!

  • There are two ways to apply for the Global Korea Scholarship 2023: through the Korean Embassy in your home country or directly to a domestic university in Korea.
  • When applying through the embassy, original or attested documents need to be sent to the embassy. When applying directly to the university, all necessary documents must be submitted to the respective institution.
  • Applicants applying through the embassy can apply to a maximum of three universities, while those applying directly to the university can only apply to one.
  • Passing the second round of the embassy track selection process does not guarantee final selection.

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